We’ve tracked down the world’s best vegan lip balm and it couldn’t be more affordable - Hurraw!

Written by Koren Helbig

Hurraw! set out to make the world’s best vegan lip balm.
This magical balm would have to tick a bunch of boxes: raw ingredients, organic, cruelty-free, fair trade, non-GMO and packed with natural oils cold pressed to ensure they remained chock full of essential nutrients and enzymes.
It would have to stand up to the heat of a locked car in summer and the cold of a ski jacket pocket in winter.
Most important of all, it would have to cure the horribly dry lips they’d both endured since moving from New York City to the much drier climate of Montana – the reason they’d dreamed up this crazy project in the first place.
Hurraw! began cooking up an experimental storm.

The path to perfection: testing, testing and testing some more

“The test batches had to sit around for at least a year to make sure they never went grainy, which was a pet peeve of mine, and held up to hot cars and cold ski coat pockets,” the Hurraw! team says. 
In 2010, Hurraw! declared mission accomplished and finally released Hurraw! lip balms internationally, to rave reviews.

Ingredients so natural you can eat them

Hurraw! balms come in an array of awesome all-natural flavours and tinted colours (chai spice or cinnamon, anyone?), infused with things like raw seeds, fruit zests, barks and roots. Even the occasional black spec in the vanilla balm are legit – they’re real vanilla bean seeds.
Hurraw! deliberately source the best possible ingredients, not the ones with the most certification logos. 
“For instance, our wax is from a plant. It's a great alternative to beeswax and petroleum waxes that you'll find in other products. However, because this plant is found in nature, wild-crafted, and not cultivated by a company on private land, it will never be certified organic,” the Hurraw! team says.
“We use what we feel are the best quality ingredients for our product, our lips, and the growers we work with. Unfortunately certifying agencies – the people who make the shiny little logos – don't always benefit the grower, the ingredient, the product, or the customer.”
But perhaps their most genius addition is a simple design tweak – the tube’s an unorthodox oval shape, so it’ll never escape from your jeans back pocket like regular lip balm.
Very clever indeed.

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