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This organic makeup might just be the best ever (we know, we personally tested loads of them)

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Lauren Rouleau was happily studying to be a teacher when she had the epiphany: a drastic career course-correct towards the natural skincare company she’d always dreamed of creating was afoot.

It was a gutsy move. Lauren had two small children and not much business experience. But she’d been making her own herbal apothecary and botanical skincare products at home for years and just knew the time was right to finally dive right in.

“My dream since my early 20s was to make goods with what the earth provides, to connect others with their roots, to create, to bloom,” Lauren told us.

“I knew I had to share this wisdom of plants and magic of the earth with others. So I did, plain and simple. I jumped off that cliff and have been building my wings ever since.”

The best vegan and organic makeup we could find, after months of testing

Lauren launched Moonrise Creek in 2014 and even today, two years on, continues to make almost every product by hand herself, from her home in Northern California. She also works with one small New York-based business.

We think her makeup products are particularly awesome – and we say that having tried every major organic and vegan makeup brand in Australia. We simply couldn’t find anything that performed to our standards, so we looked further afield and discovered Moonrise Creek. We’re actually the first Aussie business to stock Lauren’s cosmetics.

Says Lauren: “We want you to know that when you choose to use these goods, you are giving back. You are giving back to small business, to the earth, to your body, to your soul. You are choosing to make a change, and believe me, you'll feel the difference.”

Handmade makeup that gives back to Mother Earth

Picking base ingredients for each product was easy, Lauren says – she simply started with the natural products most people have as staples in their home. “I sought to create the highest quality, pure and botanically-rich products I could from that,” she says.

Choosing packaging and shipping methods that go easy on the planet was a no-brainer, too.

“Staying in tune with and respecting Mother Earth is of the utmost importance to me. We are only here so long. Why not make the biggest difference you possibly can while you're here? The earth is hungry for us to start working with her, not depleting her, not taking from her, but giving back, showing gratitude, and living in tune with her,” she says.

Not just making beauty products – making change, too

Lauren dreams of making Moonrise Creek a space where others can come to learn and share useful knowledge, which can then be passed down to younger generations.

“We don't just want to make products, we want to make change,” she says. “This of course will be fueled by growth, by providing jobs and a safe space to work, but it will also be fueled by sharing with others and stemming that growth out into our own environment.”

That’s why Moonrise Creek has a huge focus on giving, as much and as often as possible; Lauren says she’s already donated to multiple charities and families in need.

“Growth isn't just making and creating, it is also giving back to those around you, extending the grace to people who need it more,” she says. “I firmly believe this, and truly believe that these small ripples we send out will only bring about positivity and love.”

What a tremendously beautiful philosophy.


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