Here’s what truly organic Australian skincare looks like - Mukti Organics

Written by Koren Helbig

Rewind about 15 years and it was pretty damn hard to get your hands on organic skincare, which is exactly what spurred Sunshine Coast mum Mukti into action.

She’s the brains behind Mukti Organics, one of Australia’s first skincare companies to gain organic certification and maker some of our favourite natural hair and body products.

“My mum was a model in the 70s and that's what initially sparked my interest,” Mukti recalls.

“I was always intrigued by her lotions and potions and I had a hippie girlfriend from Byron Bay who convinced me to put food on my face. I remember experimenting with bananas, papaya, egg and avocado facials as a teenager.”

Organic skincare made fresh on demand

Mukti went on to become a natural therapist, focusing on herbalism and aromatherapy, but soon realised there was a dearth of products natural enough to recommend to clients.

So, after studying cosmetic chemistry, Mukti launched her own brand in 2000, created from scratch using her own smarts and determination.

Even now, all products are still made in-house from the small custom-built factory within the rural Sunshine Coast Hinterland township of Maleny, not far from where Mukti raised her two children.

“Our products are handcrafted with love and conscious intention. We make fresh batches on demand,” she says.

“And we didn’t have to scour the globe for our bioactive ingredients – our native Australian extracts are sourced on our doorstep, supporting the indigenous communities that harvest them.”

Truly organic products for those who want the real deal

Mukti’s made a point of ensuring her brand’s Organic Food Chain (OFC) certified, in a bid to help end confusion for customers searching for the real deal. Because, she says, these days many companies falsely label their products as “organic” or “natural” when they’re anything but.

“Quite frankly, it's baloney. The word ‘organic’ is still used without discretion. It's bandied about on labels, in advertising and marketing because there isn't any regulatory system in place,” she says.

“As our brand has continued to grow, I'm grateful and humbled for the opportunity to create and share sustainable, ethical and organic products with a focus on educating and informing.”

Skincare products that get better with age, like fine wine

Even Mukti’s packaging is as natural and low-impact as can be. Her facial care range comes in recyclable miron glass, the same stuff used by ancient Egyptians. It protects against light rays that cause decomposition while letting through violet and ultrared light particles that help preserve living organisms. 

“Just like a good bottle of wine, we have noticed that our products actually improve with age, rather than degrade,” Mukti says.

Plus they look just gorgeous. Wash out the bottle afterwards, plonk a bright handpicked posy inside and voilà. A beautiful home to match your newly luminous skin.


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