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We’ve unearthed the ultimate stainless steel water bottle that really can last a lifetime - Pura Stainless

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Imagine using just a single water bottle for your entire life – one that easily morphs from a baby bottle to a toddler sippy cup and later becomes your sports flask or that bottle you cart back and forth to the office each day.
Sounds kind of impossible, right?
Well, no. American couple Jen and Roger Moore from Pura Stainless created exactly that about eight years ago, and we have their fussy toddlers to thank for it.
“Our one year old was prescribed a nutritional supplement that had a strong smell and we found that the smell would impregnate in the plastic sippy cups we owned no matter how much we cleaned them,” Jen told us.
“Our three year old refused to use any of these plastic sippy cups because of the lingering smell but we couldn’t find a single bottle or sippy that didn’t have plastic parts.”
So they decided to make their own.

Why plastic is the devil when it comes to water bottles

While researching for their first range of 100 per cent plastic-free bottles, news broke about the dangers of plastic bottles containing BPA. The industrial chemical leeches into water, enters our body and acts like synthetic estrogen, disrupting our hormone levels and balance.
More recent studies have suggested even BPA-free bottles continue to leech EA, a chemical causing many of the same problems.
For the Moores, the news only strengthened their determination to avoid plastic at all costs.
“Simply put, every bottle on the market contained (and still does contain) plastic in some form – the bottle collars and lids, sip spouts, sport tops, nipple covers, handles, etcetera,” Jen says.
“Sure, some companies tout various formulations of plastic that are supposedly toxin-free, but we couldn’t help but wonder what other plastic-based health issues might emerge over time.”
Not only that, but some 38 billion plastic bottles end up in landfill each year, and each takes up to 1000 years to decompose. Horrible.
Pura bottles are the only products on the global market to be NonToxic Certified by the independent non-profit MadseSafe. They were also tested free of more than 80,000 toxins, and because all other bottles contain some plastic, no other bottle can reach this milestone.

Behold: the stainless steel water bottle you can use for a lifetime

Soon after creating the world’s first completely plastic-free baby bottles, Jen and Richard decided to expand their range to all ages.
“As parents, we abhorred the status quo that forced parents to purchase entirely new sets of bottles as their children matured. This ‘designed-in’ over-consumption is not only expensive but is environmentally irresponsible,” Jen says.
So they created a range bottle sizes that work with every type of lid – baby nipples, sippy cup tops, straws and sports suckers, flat tops for adults and even travel lids. 
The idea is that the same bottle can be used from infant to grandparent – one life, one bottle.

Stainless steel bottles made in fair trade Chinese facilities

Each bottle is made of food-grade stainless steel and medical-grade silicone, made from the naturally occurring element silicon, which is hypoallergenic and free of plastic, latex, BPA and EA. Jen says silicone can be safely heated and chewed without releasing toxins.
Pura works directly with the Chinese factories that manufacture their bottles, cutting out any agent or third-party supplier middlemen.
“There’s an abundance of natural light at our facilities, cafeterias and apartments available onsite for those that choose to live close by,” Jen says.
“When I visit, I eat lunch at the cafeterias where all the food is cooked onsite from fresh ingredients. The workstations have comfortable stools and regular work breaks are incorporated into each day. Our team also visits monthly.”
All Pura products including their unique stainless steel bottle and collar as well as their silicone lids are designed by Pura in the USA and have been granted 13 patents around the world with additional patents pending.
Jen says Pura’s overarching mission is to solve modern-day problems in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner. We just wish more companies would follow suit.

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