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We’ve uncovered an Australian skin care range so natural you could eat every ingredient - Vanessa Megan

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It was a conversation with a best friend who’d recently been diagnosed with cancer that dramatically changed the course of Vanessa Megan Gray’s life. “You should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat,” this friend told Vanessa, who instantly felt a light bulb flick on in her mind.

“I took a look at what I was putting on my skin and I was shocked by what I saw,” Vanessa recalls. “I then went searching for natural and organic products that I could confidently use, but I couldn’t seem to find anything. With a love for biochemistry, I started formulating my own products out of my kitchen.”

More than a decade on, her 100 per cent pure, natural and organic Vanessa Megan skin care products are now stocked Australia-wide.

“I hope people get inspired by the natural way and soon all the harmful chemicals that are used way too frequently will diminish,” she told us.

Making natural skin care: ‘The smell coming out of the lab is outstanding’

Each Vanessa Megan product is now handmade from a specialist laboratory in Marrickville, New South Wales. The lab is Australian Certified Organic, along with every product it produces.

“The smell coming out of the lab is outstanding,” Vanessa says. “One of my biggest passions is creating the scents and creams. It’s a hands-on job. The whole team will come in, inspect the batch, have a play and then we all pack it and dispatch it together. It’s such a family vibe in the workshop.”

Vanessa also ensures her business complies with a strict environmental policy, which focuses on maximum conservation of energy, water and resources as well as reducing, recycling and resuing as much as possible along the entire supply chain.

Each product’s packaging is 100 per cent recyclable, and Vanessa often donates 10 per cent of online sales to charity.

Our Vanessa Megan favourites: White tea day cream and blood orange body wash

We here at Fairlings happily tried and tested our way through the Vanessa Megan range before hand-picking two absolute must-haves: the organic white tea antioxidant day cream and organic blood orange foaming hand and body wash.

Vanessa says she created the white tea day cream for people searching for a light moisturiser. “The key ingredient is jojoba oil, which has properties that are closest to our own skin’s sebum, so it really penetrates instead of just sitting on top of the skin,” she says. “And the antioxidants in white tea and pomegranate are great for protecting from the harmful environmental aspects that we face every day, such as the sun’s drying effects.”

Meanwhile, her blood orange body wash is possibly the most uplifting way to shower. “I absolutely adore the scent of blood orange, in my mind there is no better way to begin or end the day,” Vanessa says. “The top ingredients in this are aloe vera, which gives the soap a really silky, luxurious feeling. And, of course, the beautiful uplifting scent of blood orange mixed with lemon myrtle essential oil to help target body odor.”

Truly incredible, we promise.

Changing the face of cosmetics, one organic skin care product at a time

Vanessa dreams of challenging established brands like Chanel and Estee Lauder, starting a revolution towards natural skin care that eventually leads to the complete phase-out of chemical products.

“I believe we can make skin care products that are not only soothing, hydrating and moisturising, and with perfumes that smell like you’ve stepped out of a spa, but that also have all the rejuvenating active qualities that mainstream products have – but naturally,” she says.

“I know ingredients and I know skin. We want people to love the skin they are in, to feel confident in their skin and shine through their natural beauty. There is nothing more beautiful than someone being 100 per cent happy in their own skin.”



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