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If you’ve spent what seems like your whole life, searching for an organic conditioner that gives you volume, strength and shine, we’re here to tell you to stop searching as we’ve found one. Let us introduce you to Mukti Organics Botanique conditioner, a beautiful blend of organic Desert Lime and Lemon Basil that really does leave your hair soft, shiny, bouncy and manageable.

How can we be so sure and confident in our claims? Because, not only has this organic hair conditioner been thoroughly tested by us, our family, our friends and our customers, but it’s been put through the rigorous Fairlings 6-step criteria.+ Read More

Need we say more? We suggest that you try it for yourself.

An organic hair conditioner that leaves your hair as smooth, shiny and soft as a child’s

The Mukti Organics Botanique conditioner has been formulated to strengthen, hydrate and balance all types of hair and scalp. It’s fantastic for detangling, and so gentle that it can be used on coloured and chemically treated hair.

In fact, it’s so good at normalising and restoring the natural condition of your hair, it will leave you with the kind of hair you had when you were a child. For the best results, try using the conditioner after the Mukti Organics Botanique Shampoo, for soft, full-bodied hair that simply glows with health.

The only organic conditioner your hair needs, and it’s made right here in Australia

One reason why this organic conditioner made it into our Fairlings store, is because it’s made right here in Australia in a small custom-built factory in the village of Maleny just behind the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Native Australian extracts are sourced locally to make it not only the best organic conditioner we’ve ever used but, in our opinion, it’s the best organic conditioner Australia has available. And, that’s all down to Mukti.

For over 15 years, she’s been using her experience and expertise as a natural therapist and cosmetic chemist to develop organic hair and skin care products that really work, and that have made the Mukti brand into one of the most respected manufacturers of natural products in Australia.

Mukti Organics Botanique Conditioner

There’s nothing better than a conditioner that gives your hair body, bounce, strength and shine, and some people spend thousands of dollars trying to find the perfect conditioner. Luckily for you, we’ve already done that.

The Mukti Organics Botanique Conditioner is an organic conditioner that simply blows traditional conditioner out of the water. It’s the only organic conditioner in Australia that we stock in our online shop and that’s because we believe that it has no competitors that come close to being as amazing.

The conditioner has been tried and tested numerous times by the company, our friends, family and customers and every single person has been delighted with the brand.

These are the reasons why we love this organic conditioner so much:

It’s a local brand

At Fairlings we are all about stocking Australian brands that are using our own resources to create awesome and innovative Australian products.

The conditioner is made in a small custom-built factory in the village of Maleny, which is just behind the Sunshine Coast. All extracts are sourced locally, and with 15 years of experience, Mukti has made the brand into one of the most successful natural brands in the country.

It’s safe

Not many people realise quite how many harmful chemicals are found in traditional shampoos and conditioners and these dry out hair, strip colour and damage the scalp. The Mukti organic conditioner is completely natural and doesn’t include any harmful chemicals.  

It contains things like naturally occurring essential oils, aloe juice, soy protein (GMO free), cedarwood, lime flower, wild mint, clary sage and lemon eucalyptus just to name a few. These ingredients avoid the damage done by chemicals in traditional conditioners while cleaning your hair and keeping it healthy.

It ’s handmade

There’s nothing more wonderful than seeing high-quality products that aren’t just great at what they do, but that have also been made with love and care.

And that’s exactly what goes into these Mukti products; there are no conveyor belts and each batch is carefully put together in the Maleny factory. This means that every batch of the product tends to smell a little different, and therefore we can never get bored of the same smell over and over again.

It actually works

There is a misconception that organic conditioners or other vegan and natural products aren’t as effective as the traditional ones. This simply isn’t true, however, and the Mukti range is unbelievably good at what it does.

Use both the Mukti shampoo and the organic conditioner and your hair will feel clean, strong, sleek and hydrated like never before.

The natural oils that are found in each bottle of this organic hair conditioner are gentle on all skin and hair types and help to hydrate the scalp, and they will not strip any coloured or chemically treated hair.

We believe that Mukti make the best organic conditioner on the market and we know that you’re going to love it!

Buy Mukti Organics Botanique conditioner online from Fairlings

If ensuring that your hair products are completely vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly is important to you, you can feel confident that every product you buy from Fairlings meets these criteria, and our organic conditioner is no exception.

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