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Divine Company Organic Peppermint Tooth Mousse (90ml)

Divine Company Organic Peppermint Tooth Mousse (90ml)

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This Organic Tooth Mousse is a gentle, soothing and healing mouth hygiene choice. Containing the highest quality certified organic and natural ingredients including Aloe Vera, Rooibos Tea, traditional Sodium Bicarbonate, Coconut Oil combined with the pure essential oils of Peppermint and Chamomile together with Parsley and thyme provide a safe and healthy toothpaste option for the entire family. This flavour is probably the most familiar flavour to the conventional type of toothpaste so that the transition isn't as big.

It's free from the endocrine disrupting chemicals, Sulphates, Sodium Fluoride, Triclosan, Glycols, Phthalates, Obesogens, plus other synthetic chemicals commonly found in traditional toothpastes.

This natural toothpaste alternative is the perfect match with our Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush

Aloe Vera Juice*, Ethanol*, Purified Water, Xantham Gum, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cocogel*, Peppermint Essential Oil*, Stevia*, Calcium Carbonate, Perfume (natural preservative), Chamomile Essential Oil*, Celtic Sea Salt, Olive Leaf Extract*, Parsley Extract, Thyme Extract, Rooibos Extract*.

* Certified Organic Ingredient

Brush teeth lightly morning and evening. Use throughout the day if necessary. This product is a mousse rather than a paste. It will be considerably lighter to use than conventional toothpaste (due to it being free from foaming chemicals and fillers).

The consistency will also feel different at first as what makes conventional toothpastes smooth is small particles of plastic (microbeads). This plastic is so small that is also gets absorbed into your bloodstream through your mucus membranes and into our water systems. The less plastic consumed, the better we say! 

The Tooth Mousse will last you approximately 2 months.

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