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One Seed Organic Perfume - Symphony (30ml)
One Seed Organic Perfume - Symphony (30ml)
One Seed Organic Perfume - Symphony (30ml)

One Seed Organic Perfume - Symphony (30ml)


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Cool air, damp forest floor, thin beams of sunlight stream through the leaves, dappling the earth in speckled gold. The air is light and full of life, and I am open-hearted with eyes wide open, ready to embrace the magic that might just be up ahead.

Ingredients: organic sugar cane ethanol, 100% natural fragrance (natural and organic plant extracts such as three varieties of jasmine, cardamom, oakmoss, vetiver and green mandarin), purified water.

100% Natural and 82.53% Certified Organic.

Q. What is the shelf life of One Seed Perfumes?

A. It has a 3 year shelf life if stored out of direct sunlight, in a cool spot away from heat sources. This will help preserve the natural ingredients longer, and maintain the quality of the product. 

Q. What is the concentration of the perfume?

A. 11.5%-12% fragrance extract.

Q. How long will the perfume last on my skin? 

A. That varies from person to person, and also depends on the scent. Generally it will be noticeable for approximately 4-5 hours (but may be as long as 6 hours for some scents). To enhance or increase the hold on the skin, we recommend making sure the skin is adequately moisturised prior to applying your perfume.

Keep in mind that the scent trail (sillage) and longevity of the perfumes is not as great as commercial perfumes as they do not contain any synthetic enhancers, fixatives or fillers.

Q. Can these perfumes be used during pregnancy?

A. For most people, One Seed perfumes are perfectly safe to use whilst pregnant. However, if you are concerned or prone to pregnancy difficulties, this is best discussed with your doctor or midwife, naturopath, herbalist or qualified aromatherapist.

We suggest you avoid any products that include jasmine, aromatic herbs, clary sage and others that are known to effect hormones.

Q. Can the perfumes be used by someone with allergies? 

A. That depends on the allergy. For example, is it an allergy to chemicals, wheat, certain foods, flowers?

For highly-sensitive people who tend to react to almost anything – even naturals - they may have a reaction to the perfumes. For those allergic to certain plants, you need to check the ingredients and fragrance notes listed in the ingredients. 

We always recommend a patch test on the skin on the inside of the elbow. This way, your can be sure you will not have a reaction. 

Our sample sets are a great way to test out if you may be concerned. 

The perfumes are chemical-free, wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free.

Q. Why aren't the perfumes 100% organic? 

A. The perfumes contain at least 80% (and mostly around 90%) organic ingredients. One Seed are big supporters of the organic industry, and aim to use organic ingredients wherever possible. However, this is difficult with fragrance extracts, especially exotic ones such as ambrette seed and tuberose.

They always choose organic where it is available and cost- effective to do so, but their main criteria for choosing the extracts they use are: 

• Quality
• Uniqueness
• Character
• Environmental and ethical influences (such as GM free, fair trade, cruelty-free etc)

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